Far From Over // Ableton Live Project

Dive into the project for dharkfunkh’s bass-driven Techno stormer ‘Far From Over’ from his E.P on Spliced Vinyl Recordings.

In this project file, you can delve into every single process, channel by channel.

Learn everything about how to arrange, edit, mix, eq, use automation and master your techno projects.

You can even save the effect chains and presets to use in your own future projects.

Comes bundled with the Max for Live granular synth, Granulator 2

The perfect style for fans of Adam Beyer, Victor Ruiz & Jay Lumen.

Find out more details and listen to the audio demo below.

Download the project file to start exploring…

What you get:

  • The full Ableton project file (53 Channels, MIDI & Audio)
  • Free Max for Live granular synth, Granulator 2
  • All MIDI files for you to analyze
  • All effects chains for you to learn from, save and re-use
  • Re-usable mastering chain 

What you need:

  • Ableton Live 10 Suite (10 Standard will work. 1 or 2 effects may be missing)
  • Native Instruments Massive is recommended, but not essential. (The audio versions of the Massive channels with all processing chains are also included, as well as the MIDI parts)
  • 1.36 GB free hard drive space

With this project file you will learn...

  • How to produce and arrange a techno track
  • All elements of the track can be analysed in detail
  • Effects and processing chains can be re-saved and used again in your future productions

Been working with Riggsy for many years and he always does a great job, whatever the genre of music. We’ve made some classics together

Vanilla Ace / Sam Young, London UK

DJ / Producer, Toolroom / Suara / Ministry of Sound / Elrow / SPINNIN' DEEP / Club Sweat

This guy is amazing. From sound design to mixdowns and mastering. Always at hand with good advice and sound solutions.

Dextry Kidd, Birmingham UK

Producer / Vocalist / Songwriter , 1EYE / DX3

I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my own, or my clients music! <3

Jules Porter, Liverpool UK

Singer / Songwriter, Notting Hill Music / 23rd Precinct

Maaaate you are a rockstar! Seriously, take my money forever!

Alistair Murdock, Wellington NZ

DJ / Producer / Owner @ 420 Rekords