Consultancy and Feedback

A fresh perspective could be exactly what you need to nail that final mixdown and tidy up the arrangement before release.

We’ve all been there! You’ve been producing a track for days/weeks/months and now you have totally ‘over listened’ it and finally gone mix blind!

Our experienced engineer has released and helped others release tracks on Armada Music, Suara, Perfecto, Black Hole Recordings, Interscope, KMS Records, Elrow, Nervous Records and hundreds of other labels.

He has also worked as A&R and Talent Scout for OFF Recordings, Dear Deer Records and Gooseneck Records.

If its brutally honest feedback and constructive pointers you are after, feel free to get in touch and we’ll make sure you get the very best out of your final mixdown.

Whats included in the package:


  • Detailed feedback and advice on everything including:

  • Your production

  • Your sound design

  • Your arrangement

  • Your volume leveling

  • Your effects choices

  • Your instrumentation

  • Your processing (Compression/Mastering etc)

  • Any timing issues

  • Any tuning issues (Instruments & Vocals)

  • Making sure everything’s in key and working together

  • Fixing rough sounding edits

  • And anything else you need help with

I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my own, or my clients music! <3

Jules Porter, Liverpool UK

Singer / Songwriter, Notting Hill Music / 23rd Precinct

Maaaate you are a rockstar! Seriously, take my money forever!

Alistair Murdock, Wellington NZ

DJ / Producer / Owner @ 420 Rekords

A 2nd Listen (Post Rework)

Make sure that you ticked all the boxes
  • Get a 2nd listen, post rework, to make sure your fixes did the job
  • Additional advice given if extra tweaks are still needed
  • This feature only applies after the full consultancy & feedback option has been completed and you have a reworked version of your track after applying the steps from the first round of feedback