From Loop to Song (Free eBook)

Producers! Are you stuck in the loop?
Have you got folders full of killer 16 bar loops but you’re struggling to arrange them into finished songs, or when you try, it just takes forever?
Without a proper workflow, you could be wasting hours/days/weeks of your time. Aside from also wasting tons of great tracks by leaving them unfinished.
What if I could teach you how to easily turn your loops into full finished songs, in less than 5 minutes, every time?
In this free interactive eBook (it also has step by step videos, a free Ableton Project, and free audio stems to download below) I will teach you how to consistently finish songs, fast, by sticking to a few rules and a winning arrangement structure. And…this will work in any DAW.
Grab your free eBook, Ableton 11 Project, Audio Stems & Sample Library Below.

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Been working with Riggsy for many years and he always does a great job whatever the genre of music, we’ve made some classics together

Vanilla Ace / Sam Young, London UK

DJ / Producer, Toolroom / Suara / Ministry of Sound / Elrow / SPINNIN' DEEP / Club Sweat

From Radio 1 to underground club bangers, Steve and his sounds always deliver. Can't say much more than that! 5 Stars!

Frank Farrell, Oxford UK

Producer / Engineer / Tutor, 23rd Precinct / Lisa Lashes School of Music

As expected, nothing but quality! 5 Stars!

Ant James Devlin / Toni Morreti, Birmingham UK

DJ / Producer, Four40 Records

This guy is amazing. From sound design to mixdowns and mastering. Always at hand with good advice and sound solutions.

Dextry Kidd, Birmingham UK

Producer / Vocalist / Songwriter , 1EYE / DX3

I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my own, or my clients music! <3

Jules Porter, Liverpool UK

Singer / Songwriter, Notting Hill Music / 23rd Precinct

Maaaate you are a rockstar! Seriously, take my money forever!

Alistair Murdock, Wellington NZ

DJ / Producer / Owner @ 420 Rekords