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By implementing the simple strategies in this book, you can bring yourself:

  • More Financial Stability
  • More Free Time
  • Better Mental Health
  • Better Relationships
  • Less Stress and Anxiety
  • More Followers
  • More Streams and Sales
  • Less Brain Fog and Frustration
  • & Countless Other Positive Changes

    Bold claims, you say…  

    Well, if I can bring myself back from the brink of bankruptcy, total despair, and poor mental health, and STILL be making a decent living from music, then so can you.  
    In the music industry, making money online is easier that you think, if you go about it the right way and have the right mindset.
    The best part is most of the things I teach in this book won’t cost you a penny to set up.
    It also comes with 40 pages of helpful links, giving you everything you need to start seeing success, fast.

    Been working with Riggsy for many years and he always does a great job whatever the genre of music, we’ve made some classics together

    Vanilla Ace / Sam Young, London UK

    DJ / Producer, Toolroom / Suara / Ministry of Sound / Elrow / SPINNIN' DEEP / Club Sweat

    From Radio 1 to underground club bangers, Steve and his sounds always deliver. Can't say much more than that! 5 Stars!

    Frank Farrell, Oxford UK

    Producer / Engineer / Tutor, 23rd Precinct / Lisa Lashes School of Music

    As expected, nothing but quality! 5 Stars!

    Ant James Devlin / Toni Morreti, Birmingham UK

    DJ / Producer, Four40 Records

    This guy is amazing. From sound design to mixdowns and mastering. Always at hand with good advice and sound solutions.

    Dextry Kidd, Birmingham UK

    Producer / Vocalist / Songwriter , 1EYE / DX3

    I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my own, or my clients music! <3

    Jules Porter, Liverpool UK

    Singer / Songwriter, Notting Hill Music / 23rd Precinct

    Maaaate you are a rockstar! Seriously, take my money forever!

    Alistair Murdock, Wellington NZ

    DJ / Producer / Owner @ 420 Rekords